Rear High Flange Double Fixed Track Hubs (Classic Model)

$ 253.00

For optimal performance, we recommend using the Phil Wood track cog. They are offered in both 1/8″ and 3/32″. Our specification for the threading is 1.370 x 24 tpi, but Phil Wood hubs will accommodate most high quality cogs. If, during installation, the cog jams or binds, STOP. Forcing a cog onto the hub will result in irreparable damage to the threads. As with any cog installation, lubricate both the cog and lock ring threads. Some cog manufacturers are making cogs that are not ideal for use with Phil Wood hubs due to their thickness (which is generally a result of plating). For this reason, we do not recommend using any other manufacturers lock ring on our track hubs. The additional thickness can result in stripping of the lock ring and/or hub threads because there is not enough thread engagement. Please call us if you have additional questions.