Phil Wood & Co. is credited with pioneering the first modern production sealed bearing cycling components. Our bearings both standard and low drag carbonyte are manufactured for us to our specifications. We specify the race tolerance, surface honing, ball diameter tolerance, bearing material, gap dimensions, and seal specifications. Standard bearings are 100% filled with Phil Waterproof Grease to ensure maximum durability.

Any of our bearings with an “x” in the part number have seals that are as good or better than those found in the highest quality submersible motor and pump bearings.

Our bearings can be used to replace bearings found in many other cycling manufacturer’s parts. Please see the descriptions of the part numbers to determine which bearings may best meet your needs. If you need assistance determining the appropriate bearing size, please contact us. If at all possible, please provide your existing bearing dimensions (inner diameter, outer diameter, and width) so we can quickly determine what you’ll need.

     For additional information please visit out bearings section.