Outboard Bottom Bracket

Our new 2nd generation Outboard Bottom Bracket (OBB) was designed to increase compatibility and adjustability. As a result of this we added 6 mm of thread and 8mm of overall length to our cups. This allows for an increase in thread engagement needed when using different spacer setups in optimizing chain line. There was also an ever present request for us to offer our OBB in aluminum, to not only reduce the unit’s weight but also allow us to offer our full line of anodized colors.

All of our OBB cups come with our Standard 6805 bearings which have a full contact seal and a 100% fill with our Phil Waterproof Grease. You can also order your OBB cups with our low drag Carbonyte bearings. Our Carbonyte bearings have different internal specifications, a low drag seal and uses our full synthetic Carbonyte grease.

For additional information please visit our outboard bottom bracket section.