Square Taper Bottom Brackets 103-145 mm (JIS Taper)

$ 140.00

Our Classic heat-treated Stainless Steel spindle bottom bracket is offered with a 63/68, 68/73 and 100 mm aluminum cartridge and our PWX03 bearings. It is offered for maximum durability and minimum flex. For those looking for a low drag bearing option we offer our PWN93 Carbonyte bearing upgrade.

Our Pro Titanium/Magnium bottom bracket uses our proprietary titanium spindle. The Magnium™ cartridge is a blend of magnesium, titanium, and aluminum. This bottom bracket is intended for applications demanding light weight, minimum flex, and maximum durability. It is offered standard with our PWN93 low drag Carbonyte bearing.

All bottom bracket sets require Phil Wood square taper bottom bracket cups and installation tool (unchanged since 1971).

PLEASE NOTE: If you need your bottom bracket spindle to be offset please include this information in the notes section of your order.